Trapping Education

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Educating the future trappers of the State of Indiana in the approved methods, ethics, and issues associated with safely trapping animals while avoiding unwanted catches

We are Dedicated

  • Conserving Indiana’s Fur Resource
  • Preserving Trapper’s Rights
  • Educating Trappers
  • Increasing Public Awareness of Trapping Issues and Benefits

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Fur Auction Rule Changes

Click here to view some important rule changes for the annual fur aution. For any questions, contact Byron Tiede at (219) 863-3803 or email at

What is ISTA?

The ISTA is the place to connect with other trappers, find trapping related events and activities, as well as trapping education classes.

Trappers Education

Experienced trappers from the Indiana State Trappers Association, along with Indiana Conservation Officers and the Indiana Furbearer Program provide hands-on training and instruction.

ISTA for Kids

The ISTA wants trapping to be passed on to kids. All Trapper’s Education courses are open to children.

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