When I corn the venison I have already removed all fat. To give this meal great flavor, I buy some beef suet to cook up the corned venison with. It only takes about 3-4 ounces of suet. What I do is get about a pound of it from my butcher shop and then when I remove the corned venison from the brine to package up for cooking later on, I put 2-4 oz. of the suet in each package of about 2 pounds of deer to be frozen.

Plan to cook the meat the first day and the dinner the next day to make the very best meal. Thaw out your meat and suet. Rinse the brine off of the meat with cold water. Slit the meat pieces open and insert the suet inside. You can tie the meat pieces together while cooking, but I don’t. It will flavor the meat even if it floats around on top.

I put the meat in my Slo-Cooker/Crock pot, cover it with water, add three basil leaves, sprinkle on some black pepper, put on the lid and turn it on high. It takes about 8 hours for my cooker to get it tender.

When the meat is tender discard the bay leaves and the suet. I remove the meat and set aside. I refrigerate the cooking pot to get the fat solid. I remove most all the fat from the broth. Leaving some fat does not hurt a thing.

To the broth I add 3 medium onions – diced, 3 medium potatoes – diced, 4 carrots sliced/diced, 1 teaspoon dried basil leaves and 1 teaspoon black pepper. Don’t add any salt as the corned meat will tend to retain all the salt needed for the entire pot of food. Turn this on high setting for about 4 hours and then add ¾ head of shredded cabbage. Cook for on hour and then add the venison (cut up into chunks) and cook until the veggies are all tender. This may take another 2-3 hours. Will serve about 10 people.

Sent in by: Stu Grell