Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my membership?
You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are going to protect trapping and trappers’ rights in the state of Indiana as well as the fellowship of other trappers.  If you pay for the magazine you get ‘The Trappers Post’ magazine 6 times a year.
When are the member meetings?
There are 2 member meetings per year, one in the spring and one at the fall convention in September.
I would like to participate in some activities, so what can I do?
There are many activities you can do:

  • You can submit articles to the newsletter or the web.
  • You can volunteer to staff the ISTA table or Booth where ever we set up.
  • You can help with trapping demos at the ISTA booth at the INDNR Outdoor Expo in September.
  • You can do a trapping or skinning demo at the Fall Convention.
  • You can help staff the ISTA booth at the Fall Convention.
  • You can help with clean up at the Fall Convention.
  • You can help set up or teach Trapper’s Education Courses.
  • You can give us an idea, and run with it.  If you wish to get involved, attend a membership meeting and make your desire know to one of the Officers and/or to the President.
What is the Forum?
The Forum is a web based discussion group to encourage learning and communication within the membership.
How can I submit articles to the newsletter or web?
  • Stu Grell is the acting newsletter editor. Send him your articles for submission. He and the newsletter committee will check all articles prior to printing. His email is:
  • For submission to the web send to Deric Beroshok at
  • We try to publish at least two (2) newsletters per year, but costs are rising, and the use of the web is more and more appealing.
  • Watch the Trappers Post, the Trapper and Predator Caller, and the Gad-A-Bout newspaper or on-line for articles also.
Does the ISTA have activities for kids?
Yes. The ISTA wants trapping to be passed on to kids. All Trapper’s Education courses are open to children, though at least one parent must attend. There are kid’s contests at the Fall Convention, as long as we have volunteers to run them.
What is the ISTA's preamble?

We, the trappers of Indiana, prompted by the feeling of profound respect and gratitude toward the many valiant fur trappers who have gone before us, whose courageous deeds and exploits will forever embellish the pages of our nation’s early history, and being duly grateful for the rich legacy of wildlife bequeathed by our predecessors, associate ourselves for the following purposes:

To conserve and maintain an adequate supply of indigenous fur bearing animals.

To preserve inviolate the freedom, privileges and the pleasures of the trapline for those who should succeed us.

To uphold the fundamental rights of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

To perpetuate the friendships and associations of the outdoors.

To dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance, this by the grace of God!

Want to join the Indiana State Trappers Association, Inc.?