Rick Schoonover, Project Leader,  of the Fur Takers of America (FTA), Trapping in Schools Project has produced a very good video called “Trapping in Today’s World.”  This is the first video in a series and is available for download online at their website, www.furbearereducation.org and www.furbearereducation.com, and on YouTube.  It is 17.5 minutes long with the target audience being High School age youth and the Adults that they interact with.  It is not copywrited, and is free with the hope that it will be used for educational purposes.  You may Download it from the Internet or get a Hardcopy DVD disk from Rick Schoonover, 461 Deer Run, PO BOX 308, Westminister, VT  05158  802-258-7000 or broaxelg1@hotmail.com.


The wesites have other videos of an educational nature plus items teachers, especially Life Science and Biology teachers, could use in teh class room.  Everything on the websites is scientific and provable facts, not emotional fiction, in an entertaining format.


The primary Goal of this project is to educate people in general to the reasons we need trappers and trapping as a wildlife management tool.