Trapper Education Courses

Experienced trappers from the Indiana State Trappers Association, along with Indiana Conservation Officers and the Indiana Furbearer Program provide hands-on training and instruction.  Trapper Education Courses are held throughout the state. Classes are free and open for all age groups.  Students under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  To check for available spaces and to register, contact the person(s) listed for the class date you are interested in.  Most of these courses are two-day events.  Check the calendar for an up to date time and location.  Instructors will teach trap preparation and selection, furbearer managment, location, proper fur handling and more through actual on-the-trapline experience.  We will set traps and catch animals. We’ll have skinning demos and much more.

For current dates on Trapper’s Ed Courses check out the ISTA Calendar on our website.


Those wishing to become ISTA volunteer instructors contact your district DNR Headquarters.

Requirements: Must have successfully completed a Trapper Education Class.  You must have already applied through law enforcement district in which you live to be a certified instructor.

Subjects that can be covered at classes include:

  • Furbearer Management
  • Behavior and Disease
  • Trapper Safety
  • Historical Culture of Trapping
  • Sportsmanship
  • Rules and Regulations and Trapper Ethics
  • Advanced Trapping Technology
  • Trap Setting Demonstrations
  • Proper fur handling techniques
  • Trapline Management
  • Equipment Modifications and Preparation for Upland and Water Trapping